When you work with CenterTable, you’re working with a team of experienced communicators, marketers, SEO experts and creative content developers who understand how to create deep connections and meaningful experiences with individuals.

As the sister agency to GroundFloor Media (one of the country’s best places to work) in one of America’s greatest cities, we’re also an approachable group of people who genuinely enjoy spending time with one another – and our client partners.

Interested in working with CenterTable? We may have an open position.

Founder, GroundFloor Media, Co‑founder, CenterTable

President and Managing Partner, GroundFloor Media, Co‑founder, CenterTable

Managing Partner & Co‑founder

Vice President, GroundFloor Media, Co‑founder, CenterTable

Vice President of Business Operations, GroundFloor Media & CenterTable, Co‑founder, CenterTable

Vice President & Co‑founder

Senior Director of Social Media

Director of Digital Strategy

Director of Creative Services

Director of Digital Strategy

Senior Director of Search Engine Marketing

Director of First Impressions

Director of Graphic Design

Senior Director of Social Media

Director of Multimedia

Director of Search Engine Marketing

Director of Digital Strategy

Senior Video Producer

Director of Digital Strategy

Senior Director of Search Engine Marketing

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