Jim Licko

Managing Partner & Co‑founder

CenterTable Digital Agency Team: Jim Licko, Managing Partner & Co‑founderHow do you get your creative inspiration? Walking meditation (or “going for a walk and paying close attention to your surroundings,” if you’re not into the meditation thing). So much creativity can come from a hike or a walk.

Three words to describe what you do at CenterTable: Make ideas happen.

Most memorable live music experience: It’s a tie between “anything at Red Rocks” and a Jay-Z/Justin Timberlake show at the Rose Bowl.

Favorite Denver hangout: There. The uniquely-named restaurant that started in Telluride, has the most entertaining staff in the city and is just a couple of blocks from my front door. Dangerous.

Hometown: Mediapolis, IA (kind of like Minneapolis, but different).