Jack Barsch

Director of Search Engine Marketing

Jack Barsch headshot 1Favorite Colorado hangout? To me, a perfect Colorado day is spent at Folsom Field watching the Buffs in the afternoon with a nice post-game drink at the Dark Horse, the ultimate Boulder dive bar.

Favorite book or podcast? My favorite book is Endurance by Alfred Lansing. It is one of the most miraculous stories I have
ever read. There’s not much that puts your life in perspective like reading about an entire crew
surviving their shipwreck in Antarctica.

If you had to choose one thing to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be? I would and could eat Double Stuf Oreos all day.

Favorite social media channel? I love Twitter, especially as a huge college football fan. Live tweeting during college football games really captures the entire human experience.

The thing that has scared you the most, but you did it anyway. I am terrified of deep water and the open ocean, but I still went open-water snorkeling (not scuba diving or anything, I don’t have nerves of steel). That was definitely worth it, but it did not
cure me of my fears.