Ben Hock

Director of Creative Services

CenterTable Digital Agency Team: Ben Hock, Director of Creative ServicesHow do you get your creative inspiration? Keeping an open mind is the best way to stay inspired. Sometimes a delicious meal or a great beer is all it takes to make me think creatively. Staying inspired is all about diverse experiences and staying in touch with your senses.

Three words to describe what you do at CenterTable: Unleash creative thinking.

Favorite social media channel: Rapchat, because nothing is better than sending your friends a minute-long rap about what happened on Game of Thrones.

Favorite Denver hangout: Pretty much any of our innumerable craft breweries, but my favorites are Black Project, Crooked Stave, Epic, Joyride and Hogshead. Falling Rock is the best if I can’t decide on a specific brewery.

Hometown: Denver, CO