Adrienne Schafer

Senior Director of Digital Strategy

CenterTable Digital Agency Team: Adrienne Schafer, Director of Digital StrategyHow do you get your creative inspiration? Science and data are my go-to starting points for creativity. I promise, it’s not an oxymoron.

Favorite social media channel: My love of photography makes Instagram a winner… until the next cool platform comes along.

I’m currently giving back to the community by… Volunteering at my kiddo’s school feels like it shouldn’t count. Who wouldn’t want to read stories to Kindergarteners?

Most memorable live music experience: My first concert was Matchbox Twenty in Phoenix. My (then future) husband said hello to me in line, it was the first time we hung out and it was also right after 9/11 so everyone was being very oddly polite.

Favorite Denver hangout: Red Rocks – I go there for hiking more often than music. Williams & Graham makes delicious drinks but I linger there for the truffle fries.