What is Search Engine Marketing? 

Search engine marketing (SEM) is the process of obtaining valuable real estate within search engine results pages (SERP). Gaining this valuable real estate can be done through pay-per-click (PPC), or paid search, advertising in which your search presence takes the form of paid ads relating to the keyword terms that your audiences are actively searching. This can also be achieved organically through search engine optimization (SEO), where you work to earn priority keyword rankings without advertising spend. 

Why Does It Matter? 

People use search engines  on a daily basis  to find the information they seek. Integrating strategic SEO and PPC campaigns is a way to more fully realize the potential of search  engine real estate for terms that matter to  your organization and  will ultimately  drive the right audiences to your website. From  awareness building to conversions, SEM is a valuable way to  drive action that matters to your organization. 


Oftentimes the customer journey can be a long one and it can take multiple interactions across  multiple mediums with your brand before your desired customer takes the desired action. When an individual Googles your company name or your products/services as a result of the awareness raised through any number of paid advertising channels, you need to ensure that your website  will appear  in the proper search engine results or you risk losing  that  potential conversion to a competitor. Integrating SEO and PPC strategies will maximize your search  engine visibility and, when running concurrently, typically  boosts results for both.​ 


By integrating public relations (PR) and SEM together, we  can strategically guide the customer  journey from building awareness and understanding to driving tangible actions and  measuring the impact that these combined  efforts are having on organizational  goals. The integration of PR and SEM exponentially benefits both efforts and maximizes  your marketing and communications budget.​ 


During times of  crisis, people often leverage search engines and social media platforms to gather up-to-date information about the situation. Failing to incorporate an SEM component into your crisis plan  leaves your organization at risk. Our integrated Crisis &  SEM plans  ensure that your bases are  covered across the digital landscape and minimize organizational risk.