SCL Health | Know When to Go Animation


In late summer of 2020, it was apparent that individuals were putting off regular healthcare checkups, appointments and treatments as a result of COVID-19. Earlier in the summer, SCL Health, which manages four care sites and multiple clinics along the Colorado Front Range, needed a unique and creative way to educate patients about what type of care site they should seek out based on their regular check-up schedules or the ailments they might be experiencing. The campaign also needed to assure patients that no matter which care site is needed, all were safe to visit during a global pandemic.


Knowing that access to care sites would be more limited than usual during COVID-19, and that federal laws restrict the release of medical information and access to patients, the GFM|CenterTable creative services team developed an animated video as a creative solution to inform audiences when they should visit a primary care doctor, an urgent care facility or the emergency room.

Scripting for the video included being thorough enough with a wide variety of described ailments to properly educate our audiences, while not being so exhaustive as to lose the viewer’s attention. Our team was also able to creatively and visually include key messages required by SCL Health such as the use of mobile apps for clinic information and virtual visits, images of diverse and complete families (children as well as adults), and the universal use of masks during this time. Similarly, our team was able to find ways to creatively incorporate text on screen through the use of animated hospital monitors and similar visuals.

From a distribution standpoint our digital advertising team geo-targeted audiences within a 25-mile radius of SCL Health’s care sites, including an over-sampling of women ages 25-66 who historically influence and/or make health care decisions for their family members.



With a modest ad spend we were able to reach 168,080 Coloradans within our unique target audience


The animated video achieved 92,028 “ThruPlays” on Facebook alone

Anecdotally, SCL Health saw an increase in healthcare appointment inquiries that was significant enough to justify two additional lookalike campaigns to be run in SCL Health’s markets in Montana and on Colorado’s Western Slope with similar results per capita.