SCL Health | Digital Advertising Campaign Driving App Installs


SCL-Health-logoSCL Health needed to drive app installs of the Docs on Demand app which allows patients to conduct live, remote video doctor visits via their mobile device. SCL Health created a promotional video but needed a way to get it in front of more eyeballs.


CenterTable worked with SCL Health to refine and optimize their video for use as part of a digital video ad campaign on Facebook and YouTube. The team created fun and engaging ads customized for five different care sites to drive app installs. CenterTable organized the ads into three flights. Using the data from the first ad flight CenterTable modified subsequent ad flights to refine and improve audience targeting to increase the rate of app installs.


The combination of engaging content and a well targeted digital ad campaign drove an impressive 87 app installs. Once it was apparent that the video ads outperformed expectations for the 24-34 year old demographic, CenterTable adjusted the targeting to focus on them. CenterTable also provided feedback to SCL Health that adoption among millennials for this tool was likely high due to that demographic’s comfort with all things digital.