SCL Health | Creating Standout Content in Healthcare


CenterTable had helped develop ongoing social media and content strategies for Lutheran and Good Samaritan Medical Centers, and had both hospitals running well-organized approaches to their digital platforms. The next challenge was to develop a “content campaign” that would help engage their existing audiences, particularly each hospital’s associates/employees.


Based on previous positive engagement with content that highlighted behind-the-scenes aspects of the hospital and the employees who keep the hospital running, it seemed logical to create a campaign that highlights employees and their various activities each day. The biggest hurdle was finding stories that didn’t relate directly to patients or violate any privacy standards to which the hospitals are accountable. Working directly with the marketing teams at each hospital, CenterTable identified a series of associates/employees ranging from facilities managers to NICU nurses, and worked with each to uncover potential storylines and eye-catching visuals. Video and photo shoots were then scheduled and an editorial calendar for each hospital was built to tell 10 cohesive, engaging stories that highlighted unique aspects of both hospitals. CenterTable drafted copy for each piece of content that described each associate’s activities, and told an easy-to-follow, engaging story throughout each week. Each piece of content had a consistent graphic look and feel for a consistent user experience, and the hashtags #LutheranDayInTheLIfe and #GoodSamDayInTheLife were used for tracking purposes.


Each hospital highlighted five employees, one week at a time over a six-week timeframe. A total of 40 pieces of content – ranging from photo albums to newsroom-inspired videos – were created for the various campaigns. Engagement (measured by a mix of likes, comments, shares and retweets) increased 63 percent on average for both hospitals as compared to their ongoing, organic content. Additionally, more than 50 percent of the engagement on each piece of content came from fellow hospital associates – a drastic increase from prior content and a key metric for this campaign.