OrderUp | Using Social Content to Drive Demand Among Consumers


OrderUp, a national restaurant delivery service recently acquired by Groupon, was new to the Denver market and was looking to significantly accelerate awareness and revenue growth among consumers and restaurants. Similar companies such as Postmates and Favor had already established a presence in the market, so OrderUp needed to differentiate itself from these competitors.


After diving into OrderUp’s customer data and conducting industry research on the types of individuals most commonly using technology to have quality food delivered to their home or office, CenterTable modeled a precise audience to target digitally. In combination with a local media relations campaign, CenterTable developed a comprehensive social content and digital advertising strategy that focused on driving consumers into OrderUp partner restaurants through promotions and hyper-local messaging at very specific, high-traffic times of the day and week. By putting the restaurants and their menu items first, CenterTable was able to reach consumers at the precise moment of intent with engaging content and messaging that drove demand, and delivery sales, within a defined geographic area.


Following the campaign, OrderUp reported increased market share in the Denver area and had a new promotion model that allowed it to successfully expand into suburban locations. CenterTable focused most of its advertising spend on Facebook and reached more than 300,000 individuals in the Denver Metro Area with messaging that appealed to them during times they were deciding where and when to dine. 

With a mix of conversion and awareness campaigns, OrderUp saw significant month-over-month order increases and was able to leverage the increased sales with existing restaurants on the platform to recruit new restaurant clients.


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