Noble Energy | Noble Neighbor Digital Campaign


Noble Energy is a leading oil and natural gas producer in Colorado, but also leads through its consistent community work, commitment to research and use of technology to ensure clean and safe operations.

The company needed a creative yet effective way to deliver those stories to interested Coloradans and to do it in a measurable way to track tangible impact.


The Noble Neighbor campaign was born out of several distinct Noble Energy storylines, all with a central theme: pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation to increase safety while going above and beyond as a true community partner.

CenterTable worked with Noble Energy to bring the Noble Neighbor concept to life through a creative video and content series, and subsequent targeted digital advertising campaign. Nine separate stories – ranging from technological advances that have now been adopted as industry standards to a “Career Connect” childhood educational program – were developed and included various videos, still images, motion graphics and graphic treatments to accommodate the multi-faceted campaign.

Three of the stories were used in a multi-tiered, highly-targeted digital advertising campaign that worked to reach three specific audiences via social media platforms, PPC, digital media partnerships, programmatic display and video, YouTube, digital audio and over-the-top (OTT) channels.


By tracking the various creative elements of the campaign, and making real-time modifications to audience targeting and message delivery, the CenterTable team was able to exceed expectations in all statistical categories from message delivery to conversion.
Key Metrics (six week campaign):


total campaign impressions


total campaign clicks


average CTR


video ads watched to 75% completion


total web sessions


total campaign goal conversions