Market Force | B2B LinkedIn Advertising Campaign Driving Thought Leadership & New Leads


Market Force Information was looking for new and innovative ways to leverage digital channels to generate organizational thought leadership as well as subsequent new business opportunities. As a company that provides market research in seven different, very specific industries, Market Force needed to segment audiences and related messages accordingly.


While it was clear that LinkedIn would be the most effective platform for reaching customer experience executives, Market Force engaged with CenterTable to develop the most effective strategy to reach seven different audiences within the same platform – and to do so in a way that didn’t flood the Market Force news feed with too much information about a specific vertical. Through audience research and segmentation, CenterTable found robust LinkedIn audiences in five of the seven industry verticals. The team then developed individual LinkedIn Showcase Pages for each of the five verticals (convenience store and gas station, grocery, restaurant, retail banking and fashion retail) to allow Market Force to distribute highly specific and targeted information, industry by industry.

CenterTable then implemented a series of LinkedIn advertising campaigns utilizing new Market Force research within each industry to drive qualified followers to each of the Showcase Pages. The campaigns targeted audiences by industry, company size, geographic location, and specific job titles. New followers were then integrated into the company’s Salesforce processes for tracking and sales team follow up.


Despite the extremely targeted audiences, the multiple LinkedIn advertising campaigns reached an average of 5,000+ individuals and received an extremely impressive average click through rate (CTR) of 0.78%. Market Force’s five Showcase Pages quickly gained more than 900 cumulative and qualified followers from customer experience executives within the five industry verticals, which then led to several new contracts for Market Force via the Salesforce integration. For a B2B company with a long sales cycle, the campaign was extremely successful and LinkedIn continues to be used in the company’s ongoing marketing mix.


Average individuals reached


Average click through rate


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