Kirby-Smith Machinery, Inc. | Organic and Paid Search Marketing Campaign


Oklahoma-based Kirby-Smith Machinery, Inc. (KSM) wanted to improve its visibility through organic and paid search engine marketing (SEM) efforts to drive quality visits to the website, generate leads and increase sales for equipment, parts and service.


CenterTable conducted an audit of KSM’s search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search/pay-per-click (PPC) efforts and developed a robust search marketing strategy as part of a larger, integrated communications program.

Execution of the prioritized SEO recommendations included providing ongoing strategic direction to KSM’s development team on technical SEO opportunities, training for KSM’s marketing team on implementing on-page SEO best practices, and robust keyword research and keyword mapping. In addition, CenterTable built and launched a PPC campaign to maximize search engine visibility for targeted keyword terms.


KSM earned prominent search engine visibility and increased paid and organic search traffic to the KSM website, driving qualified leads and ultimately resulting in significantly increased revenue for the company. In fact, KSM’s search marketing efforts generated more revenue for KSM than any other tactic during that first year.

Organic Search:

8.11% increase in organic traffic YoY


2.70% average CTR


2.02% average CVR

$ 1M

SEO has directly driven more than $1M in sales lead value in year one

Paid Search:

8.33% increase in paid search traffic YoY


4.95% average click-through rate (CTR)


4.77% average conversion rate (CVR)

$ 18

$18.33 in lead value for every $1 invested in PPC

$ 913000

PPC has directly driven more than $913,000 in sales lead value in year one