Healthier Colorado | Search Engine Marketing Campaign Boosts Exposure for Ballot Initiative


Healthier Colorado, a nonprofit dedicated to improving opportunities for our state’s residents to live healthier lives, partnered with CenterTable to support its public awareness campaign to educate and pass Boulder’s “soda tax” ballot initiative in 2016.

Given the strong opposition on the initiative by the beverage industry and the significant competition for ballot-related content on the web, it was critical to increase visibility in order to build awareness and educate community members about the benefits of voting in favor of the initiative on this issue.


In partnership with GroundFloor Media, CenterTable executed an integrated search engine marketing campaign, including hyper-local pay-per-click (PPC) search advertising and on-page local search engine optimization (SEO) tactics, to ensure that the website would be easy to find as the larger public awareness campaign gained momentum.

First, on-page and local SEO best practices were implemented to ensure that the website was positioned well for any campaign-related Google searches occurring in the Boulder area. Then CenterTable supplemented these organic search efforts with a hyper-local paid search campaign that targeted named ballot initiative terms as well as unnamed soda tax-related terms on both sides of the issue in Boulder County to maximize search engine visibility across a variety of audiences.


The Healthy Boulder Kids website gained prominent search engine visibility, earning higher paid and organic rankings than its primary competitor for most relevant search queries. In addition, users from search were the most engaged on the site with a lower bounce rate, a higher average session duration and a higher number of pages per session.

Ultimately, the integrated public awareness campaign was successful and the initiative passed during the 2016 elections.


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