Google Ad Grant Account Overhaul Significantly Improves Performance | Healthcare Client


A nonprofit healthcare client enlisted CenterTable’s SEM team to overhaul its Google Ad Grant account to drive more relevant clicks to the website that ultimately convert to patient appointments in various clinics throughout the region.


CenterTable took a data-driven approach to overhauling the account. First, the SEM team at CenterTable reviewed data from the existing Google Ad Grant account as well as the client’s traditional Google Ads paid search account to assess and understand user behavior.

Next, extensive keyword research was conducted in conjunction with the data analysis to establish a recommended Google Ad Grant account structure. The proposed changes included a complete restructuring of the account with all new campaigns and ad groups to be built in such a way that would maximize the grant funds while strategically supplementing the efforts of the traditional Google Ads account to drive traffic and conversions.

Once the account structure was established, keyword targeting was strategically mapped to individual ad groups to ensure relevancy and to create a positive user experience. In addition, geo-modified variations of targeted keyword terms were included to provide maximum local exposure. CenterTable then developed highly-customized copy for multiple ad variants and extensions for each of the new ad groups, making sure to deploy all current PPC best practices.

The overhauled account was built in the existing Google Ad Grants account and following the successful launch it saw immediate positive results.


Within one month of launching the healthcare client’s overhauled Google Ad Grant account, the account was maintaining a strong click-through rate (CTR) of 10.13% and conversion rate (CvR) of 7.97%, and it showed significant improvement in various other performance metrics, including:


increase in Google Ad Grant spend


increase in clicks


increase in impressions


increase in conversions


increase in booked appointments


increase in phone calls