Denver Sheriff Department | 2016 Annual Report


After a series of sweeping internal changes, the Denver Sheriff Department wanted an annual report that would summarize its progress and offer readers a look inside the department. The department’s previous reports were lengthy in nature, and they were looking for a way to make the report more visual and engaging for the end user so they leaned on CenterTable to guide them through the creative process.


After exploratory meetings and content gathering, the CenterTable team started by developing a cohesive style for the report. Design inspiration came from previous Sheriff Department publications, as well as the team’s exploration of the identity of the department. The client wanted the new annual report to reflect the personality of the department while still being accessible and readable. CenterTable focused on including imagery that showcased the people behind the department to make the annual report more relatable and engaging for the reader.


By combining interesting stats and engaging photography, CenterTable designed an annual report that successfully summarizes the Denver Sheriff Department’s progress in 2016. The final report provides an engrossing view of the inner workings of the Denver Sheriff Department and received extremely positive feedback from Department leadership.